IQAC Members

The composition of the IQAC as follows:

1. Chairperson: Head of the Institution

2. A few senior administrative officers

3. Three to eight teachers

4. One member from the Management

5. One/two nominees from local society, Students and Alumni

6. One/two nominees from Employers /Industrialists/stakeholders

7. One of the senior teachers as the coordinator/Director of the IQAC

IQAC Members

Sr.No Name Designation Role in IQAC
1 Dr. S. Mohanamurugan Princi pal Chairman, lQAC
2 Mr. R. Karunanithi Secretary and Administrative Officer Management Representative
3 Prof. S. Premkumar Vice Principal Member
4 Prof. S. Sivaperumal HOD - ECE Member
5 Prof. K. Sukkrivan HOD - CSE Member
6 Dr. P.Murugesan HOD - EEE Member
7 Prof. S. Sharmila HOD - IT Member
8 Dr. P. Logesh HOD - S & H Member
9 Prof. P. Manisankar HOD - MBA Member
10 Prof. N. Rishinath HOD - Civil Engineering & Exam Cell Coordinator Member
11 Dr. S.S.Raj SolayAnand Professor - Mechanical Engineering Member
12 Prof. S. Prabhatharan AP -ECE & Placement Officer Member
13 Mr. Suresh Librarian Member
14 Mr. K. Srinivasan Accounts officer Nominee from Office
15 Dr. Sengottaiyan Senior Physician Nominee from Local Society
16 Ms. K.Gopinath Final Year -Mechanical Engineering Student
17 Dr. G. Asha A P - ECE Alumni
18 M.R. Dincsh Managing Director, Ladder Land Serveys (P)Lt Employer
19 Mr. MB. Jaya Prakash Managing Director, JBS Technology, Arcot. Ranipet District Industrialist
20 Mr. Palani Parent Stakeholder
21 Dr. B. Shanmugasundaram HOD - Mechanical Engineering Coordinator, IQAC