S. No. Title of the Patents Patents Published by Date of Patents Published
1 An Augmented Reality Screen System and Augmented Reality Screen Dr.S.S.RAJSOLAY ANAND Professor / MECH 11-11-2022
2 IoT and RFID Technology Based Reducing Vehicle Emission and Air Pollutionsin Smart Cities Dr. B. SHANDHI SARAVANA Professor / EEE 22-11-2022
3 Artificial Intelligence-Based Approach Integrated with IOT Powered by Solar Energy for Unmanned Air Filing of Tires of Vehicles Dr.B.DHANALAKSHMI Assistant Professor / EEE 16-12-2022
4 Internet of Things Platform Based on 3D Printer Monitoring System Dr.R.UMAMAGESWARI Associate Professor / EEE 25-02-2023
5 The Dust Detection Module for Home and Industrial Application Using Arudino with IOT Dr .P.MURUGESAN Associate Professor / EEE 26-02-2021
6 A Device for Assisting a Disabled Person for converting commands given by Fingers Dr. B.SHANMUGASUNDARAM Associate Professor / MECH 16-11-2018